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Tesda Courses – Horticulture NC 111

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Tesda Horticulture Course

Tesda Horticulture Course

Horticulture is the branch of agriculture that compromise with the art, science, technology, and business of vegetable garden plant growing. Horticulture NC 111 is a brief course in Tesda that will gain you knowledge about how to maintain best farming in your urban or rural areas. Horticulture NC 111 will takes 445 minimum hours to finish. (This photo credits to www.rbge.org.uk)

Listed below some categories of Horticulture NC 111 training courses

  • Handling  farm tools and equipment
  • Performing estimation and calculations
  • Preparing land for agricultural crop production
  • Implementing post-harvest program
  • Implementing plant nutrition program
  • Controlling weeds
  • Preparing and applying chemicals
  • Establishing horticultural crops
  • Coordinating horticultural maintenance program
  • Coordinating horticultural crop harvesting
  • Experimenting  field budding and grafting
  • Experimenting  propagation activities
  • Succeeding  site quarantine procedures
  • Collecting samples for a rural production or horticultural monitoring program
  • Handling bulk materials in storage area
  • Preparing grain storage
  • Obeying with industry quality assurance requirements
  • Maintaining and observing environmental work practices
  • Keeping records for farm business

The basic requirements of taking Horticulture NC 111

  • Copy of Birth Certificate authenticated by NSO
  • Copy of High school or College Diploma
  • Certified True Copy of Transcript of Records
  • Certificate of Good Moral Character
  • 1 Pictures

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