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Cellphone Repair Course – Technical Vocational Short Term Study Program Scholarship

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cellphone repair courseTESDA has so many short term vocational courses on their list of online study programs and one of them is cellphone repair and servicing. There are paid curriculum as well as free for scholarship enrollees for the new school year but if you really want to get your hand and study for free in this course, you will have to coordinate with the right authorities offering assistance to out-of-school youths both in Manila and in provinces where you can find a TESDA branch office or accredited training centers.

Just to give you an overview of what to expect when you enroll and study cellphone repair vocational course in any authorized vocational course training centers in the Philippines duly accredited by the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority, below are the list of modules to study for this short term course in electronics. Take note that you will have to have knowledge of basic electronics to study this field in electronics repair and servicing course.

Module 1 – The Cellular Phone Technician

1. What is a Cellular Phone Technician file

2. Working Environment file

3. Opportunities

Module 2 – How the Cellular Phone Works

1. What is a Cellular Phone

Module 3 – Basic Electronics

1. Introduction to soldering file

2. What is Circuit Board file

3. How to solder

Module 4 – Performing Diagnostic and Repair

1. Introduction Diagnostic and Repair file

2. Hardware Problems

Other related courses may be viewed at the official TESDA website at www.tesda.gov.ph. To find an accredited school in your area to inquire about any scholarship offers, please navigate to the proper category when you visit them online or you can call their hotline telephone numbers.

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